Can you identify these people from the 1967 Rollamo?

Please use the comment section to identify people, places, or equipment in these photos from the 1967 Rollamo yearbook.  If these photos jog other memories of your time on campus, please comment on that too.  Please note that comments are moderated to weed out spammers, but genuine comments are most welcome and will be posted upon review.


Rollamo 1967 Photo 1: Amazing that there were still key punch operators at this date to help students with their card decks. Who are these unsung heroines?


Rollamo 1967 Photo 2: “Students have access to key-punch machines to make program corrections.” And who is this student?


Rollamo 1967 Photo 3: The IBM 360 is featured in this pic, with one person in the background and one in the foreground. Who are they?